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You can start out with a basic affordable unit. You will want to start with this and add can always add from here!!!!!!!!


This is the Basic TENS UNIT Kit. The Kit contains the Tens Unit plus a battery and two lead wires.


This set up illustrates one set of leads and using only one channel of the TENS Unit. This set up directs current from the base of the penis to the head.
Note: the conductive rubber tubing is actually secured by circular clips, this picture is for illustration purposes to show where approximately to place the conductive tubing.  
Below the same set up but with the electrodes behind the head and around the balls.


This set up uses both channels of the TENS Unit and four seperate conductive rubber tubing pieces (as electrodes) to create multiple points of contact. Current will pass from Electrode A to Electrode B and from Electrode C to Electrode D. The Red lines indicate the positive wires from the Tens Channels and the Black lines represent the negative wires.  If you study this diagram (above) carefully, you will see that the current will travel up and down the shaft of the penis as well as along and to the balls. By using two leads and four electrodes you can create a variety of sensations simply by adjusting the controls on the TENS Unit. Using the power controls to adjust the flow of current as well as the control knobs for the adjustment of pulse and length!


This set up uses an anal plug placed into the rectum using a good SLICK lube and is connected to the positive lead of the TENS Unit. Note that you can use the Y adapter to connect both leads on the anal plug to energize both of the steel plates. Of course plugging in only one lead is also acceptable depending upon the sensation you want to achieve. The Negative wire is attached to a piece of conductive rubber tubing which is attached around the base of the penis. The current will pass through the spincter muscles through the balls and into the base of the penis.
Note only one lead wire is used and two electrodes, the anal plug and the conductive rubber tubing.

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