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Let's shine some light on the subject of Electricity!

Let's begin with a basic lesson in electricity.  I think once you understand the basics you will be able to figure out where to place each positive (+) and negative (-)wire to get the most out of e-stimming.space First of all, let's talk about what happens when you plug a regular lamp into an electrical outlet.  Have you ever wired an electrical plug-in or electrical box?  There is a black wire and a white wire right?  There are two prongs on the plug-in that you plug into the wall outlet from the lamp.  One of the lamp wires is black and one is white.  The one on the wall has two wires connected to it and one side of the outlet is connected to a black wire and the other side to the white wire.  There is usually inside the outlet a "ground" or green wire that is mandatory by the electrical code.  We won't worry about the greenor ground wire, as it is not necessary when discussing estim basics or sexual electro-stimulation examples.The black wire is usually the "HOT" (+) wire and the white wire is the Neutral or Negative (-) wire.  You know that if you actually touch the two wires (black and white) together, you will create a large short and create an instant sparking/welding effect and most likely, the breaker at the box will trip to its off position.  This can happen if you do not disconnect the power to the wall outlets before trying to connect wires to the box.  Actually, what happens when you switch the light on, is that the black + wire takes electricity to the light bulb from one side and the white wire (-) takes electricity to the other side of the light bulb.  The filament in the light bulb is conductive and actually heats up, becomes bright and behold, you have light.  The same goes for any appliance in your home.  The black and white wires going into the appliance never actually come in contact with each other.  If they do, bang! You short it out and blow a circuit breaker.  It is the + and - electrons moving between the motor windings in electric motors or filaments of light bulbs that actually make things work.  Ok, so much for a brief lesson in electricity.  Let's see how this applies to your TENS power unit. Your TENS unit has, lets call them 2 plug-ins similar to two wall outlets in your home.  These are called channels and if you notice each one has two wires coming out at the end, one red (+) and one black (-).  Each set of wires coming from the TENS unit are called lead wires.  It is like having 2 separate electrical outlets as in your home on the TENS unit.  They work independently.  You have a choice to use only one or you can choose to use both of them.  It is like having two lamps plugged into one (the same) outlet at home. To use one channel and one set of lead wires coming from it, you have to have two separate electrodes hooked up to them, one to the red wire (+) and another to the black wire (-).  You cannot have either one of these electrodes touch each other.  The result is a "short" like touching the black and white wires together on a wall outlet or plug in.  The only difference in the case of the TENS unit is you don't have 110 volt to make sparks fly.  However, sparks do fly in a much smaller way and actually can short out the power box and could cause damage to the intricate circuits inside.  Some power boxes have built-in resets or other means of circuit protection, so you don't fry the power box.  When you place one of the electrodes, say the one connected to the red wire on your balls and the other electrode connected to the black wire on or around the shaft of your penis, what you are doing is using the moisture in your body and the skin between the + and - current as sort of a light bulb filament.  The current will travel like a magnet between one electrode and the other causing the feeling of heating, pulsating or tingling sensations depending on the TENS unit dial settings you choose.   So, you see, you need to hook one electrode up to each, the black and red lead wires.  Touching the two wires or electrodes together causes a short in the power box and current will go nowhere.  You must have another electrode, such as conductive tubing or conductive rubber placed somewhere else.  Starting to see the picture now?  The other set of lead wires from the other independent channel on the TENS unit can be hooked up to two other electrodes placed on two other areas on the body (Below the Waist) and you get the same effect as you did with the first set of two electrodes.  Therefore, two channels have 4 wires and have to have 4 electrodes to get the current moving between them.  In conclusion, there are two things to remember when hooking yourself up for sexual electro-stimulation, one is that you must have two electrodes for wires leading from each channel you are using on the TENS unit.  Never let one of the positive (+) wires touch a negative (-)wire or the same electrode.  Secondly, always practice sexual e-stimming BELOW the waist (see the tab on Safety).  If you remember these two rules, you will most likely enjoy all the pleasant aspects of erotic sensations using your TENS unit. 


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