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Out of Stock - Folsom Cock and Ball E-StimTorture Board
NOTE: These are back in stock!!

The Electric Cock and Ball Torture Board provides a very controlled method of applying cock and ball pressure for pleasure or maybe even some pain.

The device incorporates 7 independent connections and conductive surfaces for e-stim application.

Needless to say, this is definently an advanced electrical toy and we do not recommend its use by novices.

This device takes cock and ball torture to an entirely new level.
Not only does it provide a very controlled method of providing cock and ball pressure, it also incorporates multiple electrode surfaces to keep things really interesting.

The Cock and Ball Torture Board was designed to be used with at least two different power boxes.  In the proper hands, used with multiple power sources, this device provides the ability to produce sensations on the genitals which are completely unique to say the least
Even in experienced hands, we strongly recommend trying out this device on yourself (of course!!) before using it on anyone else.

This device comes complete with a special set of leads, "Y" and reverse "Y" adaptors, alligator adaptor and wire to use a PA ring as an 8th. conductor.

This product can also be used with an electric catheter in place as an additional electrode to further exploite ones sensual side.

NOTE: Due to the shipping weight of this item, a hefty 2.5#, there is an additional charge for shipping of $13.00 for the first CBTB board ordered and $10.00 for each additional board.  This fee will be added to the total at the checkout.  If you are ordering outside the USA, please designate in the Drop-Down Box below as there is a total shipping fee of $35.00 due to the weight of the product. 


The complete package consists of the following accessories:

 1 Main Board, 12.5 inch (32 cm) long with cockring in it.
 1 Cock cover board
 1 Ball cover board
 8 Wing nuts
 1 Y-adapter
 1 Reverse Y adapter / splitter
 2 Leads
For PA-users:
 1 Plastic PA-restraint rod - so you can tie the PA up to the top side of the board.
 1 Piece of Stainless steel wire
 Alligator clip adapter
Item #EZcbt board

Shipping Charges

Price: $215.00  Sale price $193.50


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