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4 Channel TENS/EMS Combo Unit
FourChannel-4.jpg  FourChannel-6.jpg

This unit is a little larger than most normal TENS units, as it has a large digital display for each channel and the settings on the control panel.  It measures 3" wide, 5-1/2" long and is 1" thick.  It also has a nice large steel spring clip on the back of it to fasten to a belt should you just want to walk around all charged up.

The Mail Controls (13 soft rubber buttons) are covered by a sturdy door directly beneath the digital controls. Once you set it up, you won't accidentally bump a button and disturb your settings.  It has a nice set of rubber grips on each side of the unit enabling a good grip should you happen to have some lube on your fingers, which as we stimmer know, happens a lot.
webassets/FourChannel-7.jpg webassets/FourChannel-8.jpg

The combinations of routines contained in this unit are many, including an adjustable ramp time adjustable in 1 - 8 second intervals.  The unit has Five TENS Modes: Burst, Normal (Constant), Modulate, SD1 and SD2 (Strength Duration), It also has three EMS Modes: Constant, Synchronous, and Alternate.  

All of this is packaged into a nice hard foam lined plastic carrying case.  It does have a complete extensive instruction manual that is written in easy to understand language.  You also get 8 TENS pads so you can unpack it and your ready to go.

Here is a list of all that is included:

4 - Channel TENS/EMS digital display unit with belt attachment

4 - Double A Batteries

1 - A/C power adapter

2 - Packages of 4 TENS Sticky Pads

4 - Set of TENS lead wires

1 - Instruction Manual

NOTE: This unit is sold for sexual stimulation play only.  It is not being sold for any other purpose or as a medical treatment unit.  Do not use above the waist, only below it.

Item #EZ4ChanCombo

Price $147.95 


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Maryville, IL 62062-0526
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